House of Glamour Revue

We’re back in the new year with more of our queer outlandishness! Join St. Louis’ royal family of freaks as they showcase a variety of artistic talents. This month we have a special reunion as we’re officially welcoming back our drag family members Dixon and Kingdom as they return from they’re Japanese excursions. Join us […]

The Vixens Show: Cici’s Anniversary Show

Wednesday night January 16th! 10pm… Join us for a night of friends family and fun! My Drag Anniversary Show! And Birthday Party for Sinsir Carter!!!!! We also have your Vixens: Kamiya Krush, and Kody Rhoades aka Marquis Saturn Sanchez! The special guests are: Sara Shay And Chloe Curiosity Brian Green! See you soon STL! #Cici […]

The B-Team of Burlesque Debut

“We are fired up and ready; Our team is alive! We’ll B-E Aggressive And show our cute behinds! Introducing the first St.Louis show from your favorite second strings: The B-Team of Burlesque Get out your Pom-poms, put on your spankies and join us for a blowout birthday pep rally bash full of burlesque fun. Group […]

Fringe-finity War: Rear-End Game

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! AND WITH NEW ACTS AND CAST MEMBERS! Are you still reeling from the climactic end sequence from Avengers: Infinity War? Let’s try group healing through drag, burlesque, dance, humor, pole, and more! Wolf whistle & laugh those tears away! Fringe-finity War: Rear-End Game will be a wake for those Thanos defeated. […]

Skatenigs invade St. Louis, Revolting Cocks DJ set by Phildo

TICKETS NOW ON SALE!!!   Skatenigs, former Wax Trax, Alternative Tentacles, and Megaforce recording artists, invade St. Louis on Saturday, March 23! “I got it made” was the score for Matthew McConaughey’s famous tow truck scene in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre next generation. Phil Owen is the singer and band member from the Revolting Cock’s […]

A Demonic Roast

Maxi Glamour: “Ten years ago I made my first on-stage appearance as a drag performer. I knew from a teen that wild makeup and throwing super queer parties was what the universe had planned for me. Since 2009 I’ve gone nonstop attempting to combat antiquated drag norms and creating my own world where I can […]

Qu’Art presents Cyber Freaks

Welcome to the 4th year of Qu’art St. Louis. We’re excited to bring in more queer art into the city of St. Louis in 2019. In the last four years we’ve brought over 150 artists from all over the country to celebrate diversity and uniqueness. With an aim to inspire our local art community whilst […]

The Devil’s Cabaret 5.0

The new year is finally among us and we’re back with our devilish antics. We’re excited to return for our 5th month of filth and debauchery. Come dive deep into a hedonistic voyage of self indulgence and freedom of expression with hosts Sailem From Hell and Maxi Glamour! Join us for our January edition featuring… […]

Burlynatural: A Supernatural Tribute!

Join Lusty Sweets Productions in their debuting show of Burlynatural: A Supernatural Tribute! Featuring Burlesque and Variety Acts of some of your favorite characters from the popular series: Supernatural!