Revenge of the Nerds 6.9

**Rescheduled from 1/13**

Revenge of the Nerds 69 brought to you from a galaxy far far away… Whichever kind of nerdiness is your thing, we have it. If you need your night saved by Ironman or want to be able to use the force to move your drink down the bar, we can do that. This action packed cast will reach out to many fandoms that will leave you wanting more.

Allura Fette as Iron Man
Charlotte Sumtimes as a Pokémon Master
Aiden Control as the Joker
Dick Nail-Em as Fred Flintstone
Jemma Misfit as Amidala
Remee dee As Khaleesi!
Gypsy havoc as Tina belcher
Kitten envy as Harley Quinn
Clara climaxxx as Batgirl
David Tennith as Dr. who
Kasia summers fury as a Jedi
Kitty Noir as Lady Deadpool

Chief Engineer DJ Skeletal on decks

StarDate: 2/10/2017
Location: A sizeable planet called The Crack Fox
Time: Doors open at 9
Show starts at 10 unless using a time machine
Price: Single $10
Couples $15
Free drink for those in costume