Bestial Mouths, Powder River, The Broadcast Obscura

Powder River
The Broadcast Obsura
9pm doors

The ceremral chaos of Bestial Mouths is an invitation to dream darkly, a monstrous glamour to dazzle the eyes of the spirit—their texts a prayer to unlocking secrets of the shattered soul.
What salvation you might find there is purely coincidental.

The instruments of these Bestial Mouths are cacophonous: hammering percussion and industrialized synthetics wrapped in the lyrics of euphoric dread. The shapes they form—crumbling mythologies, voided personalities and the clenched-fist orgasmic crush of lost desires—are as immediate as they are intimate, glimpses into the world that these three inhabit. Don’t look too closely, however…it’s easy to get lost in the night.

“Bestial Mouths, the industrial electro-goth foursome from Los Angeles, do a pretty great job of creating carnal, post-punk beats that make you feel oh so dirty, yet oh so right.”

Powder River
“Percussive synth loops, swirling sculpted guitar noise, and floating choral vocals imbue northwest country with a glacial Gothic sensibility. Powder River is here to explore the darkest parts of Americana and the beauty contained within the void.”

The Broadcast Obscura



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