Metal Flow Yoga with Ami Amore

Metal Flow Yoga with Ami Amore’
Upstairs at the Crack Fox
10$, cash or charge payable to Ami at the time of.
Bring your own mat.
Class starts at 8 and ends at 9:15pm
This class is monthly.

A nice, relaxing all levels yoga class for angsty souls who need to let go some rage and some muscle tension.
Class will be set to all types of metal music (I am open to requests).
Instead of chanting traditional things like Om we chant shit like “Fuck” or “Shit”. Students are welcome to let any and all pent up frustration out in this class in the form of random cursing and yoga poses. That may sound funny but trust me we’re talking a serious yoga class here designed to stretch out your hips, lower back, shoulders, etc.

Come for the yoga and stay for RAPTURE St. Louis with DJ Skeletal. (we can provide a place to changeout of your yoga garb)

Studies show folks who curse are more authentic, have high intelligence and are happier.

Check out these articles if you want more evidence of that: