Phoned In: Telephonic Erotica Featuring Fantastical Creatures

Doors 10:00 / Show 10:30
$10 Cover
Have you ever wondered what kind of weird sex stuff Lewis Carroll’s Gryphon and Mock Turtle might have been into? Or what if an Ent tried to get it on with a Giant Space Robot? We’ve wondered. We wonder about this all the time.

Join us at The Crack Fox as 12 individuals are randomly assigned different creatures, and act out aural versions of their romantic escapades. After it’s done, the audience will determine which imaginary hook-up was best (just like real life!) and a winner will be crowned.

It’s going to be a wild time at The Crack Fox. Needless to say, while we’re all keeping our clothes on, nothing else about this event will be work safe.

Followed by a GnR afterparty hair rock and metal spin by DJ Skeletal til 2:30am.




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