Rapture – Dark Music Culture
presentsFIRES (Metropolis Records) – Synth Rock from Nashville, TN. FIRES Began as a return
to form for Eric
Sochocki, influenced by the likes of Kesha, Carpenter Brut, S U R V I V E and
Nicki Minaj (no, really), FIRES
focuses on bringing strong programming, emotive lyrics, captivatin
g hooks, and a new take on the rock
influenced American industrial formula. The debut full length from FIRES wil
l be available from
Metropolis Records on 9/8.

Precog (Analogue Trash)- A Synthpop/Darkwave group based out of Nashville, TN
. Built off a strong
foundation of love for bands like Depeche Mode and Massive Attack, PreCog
Mixes and molds different
genres and sounds and delivers a very unique style. (Vocals/Programming) done
by Jason Thomas
(Synth/Programming) done by Gerald Josef.

$5 advance* / $7 day of show

Eventbrite - Rapture presents FIRES and Precog
9 p.m. doors
10 p.m. show
with DJs Skeletal and Sainte


*tickets available through Eventbrite or www.crackfoxbar.com