Little Bo’s Creepshow: Year Five

In what is now a Crack Fox tradition, it’s time for that yearly event where things go bump and grind in the night… Come spend a night celebrating the greatest holiday of the year with some routines paying homage to some of our favorite goblins & ghoulies! Featuring one of our biggest casts ever & more surprises yet to come!!!

Allura Fette
Ami Amore
Blyre Cpanx
Dizzy Tunt
Greta Garter
Julia Flasch
Marian Librarianne
Maxi Glamour
Pinny Yearned
Pola Bleu
Rowan Ooak
Roxxy Misbehavin
Shazza Dazzla
the return of Tally Wacker
…and more!

Special peformance by Jiggles McGee for one night only!!!

Featuring pre-show magic by Zi Teng Wang!

Hosted by Little Bo Peepshow!

Tickets are just $15 to see so many performers!

Also, if you come in a costume or donate to Tenth Life cat rescue at the door, tickets are just $10!

We can’t wait to get spooky with you!




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