Death of A King

Who did it? The King died and every performer is a suspect. Was it Tanis Lee with a candle stick in the bathroom, or maybe Gypsy Havoc with poison behind the bar? Come help us solve the mystery of a Clue-based murder mystery burlesque variety show.
The night will start off with a showing of “Clue” 7:30.  There will be popcorn so grab a drink and enjoy!
The variety show will start around 10 P.M. with a costume contest during the intermission!

Your line up is as following
Tanis Lee
Gypsy Havoc
Lora Liedown
Blyre Cpanx
Andy Whorehal Belle
Roxie Valentine
Phantasma Valentine
Scarlett Syanide belle
Dick Nail-Em
Analyse Thropic
Thea Khaleesi
Trinton St. Moore
Bourbon Larue
Dick Von Dyke
This is a show not to miss and there will be blood!

$10 at door
$8 in costume.



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