Embrace the Machine

Embrace the Machine

An evening of the darker and heavier side of underground dance music.
Cassiopeia – Live, Milwaukee, WI
“Cassiopeia” is the project of electronic musicians Sam Armus and Sheila Teruty of Milwaukee, WI. Starting from a simple idea of bringing together two backgrounds in electronic music to create something new, the duo takes from their different sonic explorations to make soundscapes that are all their own. Sheila Teruty has been performing and recording music for nearly a decade as Xexyz and has just recently found her new home in the world of experimental techno and modular synthesis. With a sound all her own Sheila brings strong willed vocal and atmospheric elements into her productions. Already making a name for herself as a rising star in the modular community she looks to space as she extends her horizons upward. Sam is an established techno producer and live performer, who has cemented himself as a force in the live techno community and continues to craft heavy yet ethereal live sets as his solo project “Construct”. Having supported the likes of Orphx and Headless Horseman he has cemented himself as a force to reckoned with. Together this powerful duo sculpts live atmospheric, danceable and heavy soundscapes to move the soul through the cosmos. Not like anything you have heard before, Cassiopeia is here to flip the script on what you knew live techno to be.

Local support from:
Luke Hansen – Faded Sessions/Wet Hot Electronic Summer

Atman – Live – Anode Records, Osedax

J. Flowers – #FOFN, Disco Aliens, Transplant


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