Venus In Furs 27

The only lady identified exclusive BDSM night in St Louis!

Come learn from experienced lady kinksters, take part in the open play area, and enjoy the best people watching around!

Starting at 9pm upstairs at the Crack Fox, this is a pressure free environment for experienced ladies, and vanilla newb’s alike. There will be actual BDSM play, and a social area. The bar will be open as usual, and will be serving pizza.

So, don your favorite kinky gear, that special thing you’ve been waiting for the perfect event to wear, or keep it casual. Just leave your judgements (and the boys) at home and come have a good time with your kinky lady friends.

While there are two Venus’ per month, this will be the only VIF for women identified people exclusively. The next VIF will be open to queer people of all genders.

TO GET UPSTAIRS: Just walk through the space, to the back of the room. The upstairs entrance is to the left of the bathrooms. To get to us just stroll on by the bar and walk up the stairs.

IF YOU ARE DISABLED: give us a heads up that you’re coming ahead of time and we will make arrangements to get you upstairs to our party. Feel free to private message the GutterGlitter page or email us at

This is a private event, for women only, so male identified people and the general public will not be allowed in. Gender non-conforming people are welcome and of course trans women are women.