La Danse Pour Les Femmes

From the folx who bring you “Venus In Furs”, the lady identified exclusive BDSM play party and “WILDE”, the underground queer dance party and drag show, comes “La Danse Pour Les Femmes”.

Performances by:
Allura Fette
Lindy Wormwood
Julya Kae (Julia Flasch)
Enigmajade Thorne
Nolita Foxx

Dj talent by Jennifer Michele Griggs.

La Danse Pour Les Femmes (the dance for the women) is St Louis’ (and maybe the midwest’s?) first ever burlesque show for women/femme aligned folx exclusively. No male identified people are allowed to attend the show. This creates a uniquely radical atmosphere where women/femme aligned can comfortably express themselves without boundaries, the male gaze or compromising their safety.

Genderqueer/fluid folx are welcome to attend, just no male identified people.

$10 cover, 100% goes to the artists.