A Place Both Wonderful & Strange / CaveofswordS / Seashine / Powder River

A Place Both Wonderful and Strange is an Occult Electronic performance project from Brooklyn NY, equally influenced by David Lynch and Janet Jackson in equal measures. Their music is the soundtrack of fever dreams, sleep paralysis, with a darkness that shakes and ravages your psyche inducing unease, mystery and wonder. A Place Both Wonderful and Strange exists in a world hyper-influenced by the occult, David Lynch and Janet Jackson, damaged by Witch House and pop culture in equal measures; for a fine cocktail of cognitive dissonance. Ultimately, the bands performance is visually and aurally inspiring, very much like it’s influences.

“Combining elements of pop, industrial, electronic, and alternative music, U.S. band CaveofswordS produces a dark, foreboding sonic aesthetic that, while menacing, also makes you want to groove. Their track, “Aviation Administration,” makes me feel like I went heavy on the downers, hit a goth club in cold-war era Eastern Europe, and ended up having a great time dancing my ass off.
If that description befuddles you, check out Baeble’s exclusive premiere of CaveofswordS’ new video for “Aviation Administration” above, and be mystified by the subliminal semi-occult imagery and Sunyatta McDermott’s beautifully haunting vocals. ” -Baeble

Seashine: Shoegaze/Dreampop band from St. Louis, MO.

Powder River: Percussive synth loops, swirling sculpted guitar noise, and floating choral vocals imbue northwest country with a glacial Gothic sensibility. Powder River is here to explore the darkest parts of Americana and the beauty contained within the void.

CaveofswordS – https://www.facebook.com/caveofswords/

Seashine – https://www.facebook.com/SeashineBand/

Powder River – https://www.facebook.com/powderrivernoise/

8pm 21+ $10