Rapture presents Curse of Cassandra & Modern Welfare

Rapture presents the return of
Curse of Cassandra – The Nekonomikon tour


Modern Welfare – The Audiovisual Experience

$7 – doors 8 p.m. / bands 9 p.m.

with DJ Skeletal and TBA



Curse of Cassandra creates dark electronic music for the preternatural. Her new album Nekonomicon is the follow up to her underground hit Cult of Cats and traces the occult history of 7 famous witches. Touring in an rv with her sphyx cats Armand and Asia, she has opened for alternative greats like My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, September Mourning, Sidewalks and Skeletons and Angelspit. meow.

Originally formed in 1998, Modern Welfare (formerly known as Nth) began as a experimental video project for visual artist, Kristo. In the early-2000’s Kristo found a way of marrying his unique blend of synthpop, industrial, darkwave, and IDM to the audiovisual experience in such a way that it gave birth to something both darker and more profound. Existing outside conventional “music video” formats, Modern Welfare debuted as a performance-based project in 2017 and continues to expand the possibilities of live music within an original multimedia show. Modern Welfare merges both experimental filmmaking and dark electronic music into an unforgettable event.


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