Fringe-finity War

Are you still reeling from the climactic end sequence from Avengers: Infinity War? Let’s try group healing through drag, burlesque, dance, humor, and more! Wolf whistle those tears away! Fringe-finity War will be a wake for those Thanos defeated. SPOILER ALERT: You will want to have seen Infinity War before you watch this show!!!!! Otherwise, we WILL ruin it for you.

Our all-star cast is ready to help you heal!

Allura Fette
Andy Whorehal
Bourbon LaRue
Cadaver Dadio
Désirée Undómiel
Eluria DeLune
Greta Garter
Jessica Jacques
Little BoPeepshow
Magenta Muscato
Roxxy MissBehavin’
Simon Slutbeard-Glamour
Tally Wacker
White Rabbit
And your master of ceremonies – Terry Bates!
Music to mourn to by DJ Skeletal!

“Marvel” at those we lost and pay your respects!

A Boxxy Production

Doors at 9pm, Show at 10pm

Tickets are $15, $12 at the door if you come in cosplay!

Special thanks to our stage crew: Zilla, CapnMarrrrk, & Apple!

Poster by Jessica Cox

Thanos will return!