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AUTUMNPost-punk outfit *autumn* release long-awaited ‘chandelier’ LP following successful tour with Clan of Xymox

Chicago’s Sett Records to release the new LP from the Minneapolis-based trio

FOR FANS OF: The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Cocteau Twins, Sisters of Mercy, The Joy Formidable, Republica

Panic Lift, initially began as a solo project of vocalist James Francis. After self releasing the bands first EP, James formed a live band and soon they began to slowly establish themselves through engaging live performances, and appearing on numerous high profile compilations. Eventually, the band garnered the attention of Germany’s Noitekk Records and released their first full length “Witness To Our Collapse” in 2008.

Panic Lift’s inspiring sophomore album “Is This Goodbye?” on Metropolis Records pushed the band boldly in new directions while expanding on what they had already achieved with their debut “Witness to our Collapse” and created a buzz that resulted in 2 nationwide tours and a handful of high profile festival appearances.

Last fall, Panic Lift returned with their third album “Skeleton Key” which found the band returning to a more aggressive sound, a move which frontman James Francis says was the result of a renewed appreciation for his older material. “When we were on tour, i found myself playing older songs next to our newer songs night in and night out’ James explained. “It really helped me realize that blending the aggression with the softer and more emotional moments was really what defined our sound. So i took that idea and used it as my inspiration when i returned to the studio” The result was a sprawling 13 song opus that fearlessly dove through and re-images Panic Lift’s sound while blending genres and styles together, something has become a cornerstone to Panic Lift’s music.

Panic Lift has carved its niche in the dark electronic music scene with a blend of hard industrial, elements of Synth-pop, Dance and Rock. The new album, Skeleton Key, once again proves that the only constant element of the band is change.

This Summer, Panic Lift return in support of a new album to be released on Metropolis Records!

Nashville’s FIRES creates a compelling mix of American industrial, pop, & dark electronic with more than a touch of Synthwave. The album is influenced by the more pop elements of acts like Imperative Reaction, The Killers, Carpenter Brut, S U R V I V E, & Kesha. Spawned during an intensely profound period of personal upheaval, every song on the LP breathes with emotionally charged intimacy. They’re debut album Red Goes Grey released last fall by Metropolis Records and they have been fervently working to bring you another!