Little Bo’s Creepshow: Boolesque & Scaryoke

Alright Boos, Ghouls, and anyone else who may be spooping this evening… we’re doing things a little differently this year.

Little Bo’s Creepshow will be happening on Saturday, October 6th AND Sunday, October 7th at The Crack Fox! We’ll be dividing the show up into 3 parts! Sunday will be the pajama/kigu/onesie after-party: Creepshow Boolesque & Scaryoke – featuring our beloved karoke DJ Jen Stuvicorn Stuvy! – burlesque & drag performances, and snacks and candy galore! – and we’ll be making a very special announcement there regarding the future of Creepshow.

Abi Sith
Allura Fette
Bettie LaBootie
Evelyn Invert
Little BoPeepshow
Magenta Muscato
Marian Librarianne

And the cost for Saturday’s show? Just $20!
Sunday’s show – just $15
Save by going to both for just $30!
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We can’t wait to get spooky with you!!!