Krewe De La Femme Fiere

GutterGlitter presents Krewe De La Femme Fiere, St Louis’ first Queer Mardi Gras Ball in 40 years!

Celebrating QUEER ROYALTY.

Performances by
Maria Mario
Phanta Gorea
Sweet Tea Skank
Landon Control
Simon Saize
James Bønd?ge
Lindy Wormwood
Sofie de Sade
Farris Maiden
Roxanna Rexia
DJ Vinca Minor.

Dress to transgress. No entry without costume or formal wear. This is St Louis’ first queer ball in 40 years-DO NOT COME IN YOUR KHAKIS. Krewe De La Femme Fiere is for participants, not observers. Small costumes available at the door. Make sure your friends come correct. So throw on some fucking glitter and a smile and get your asses to the party.

VIP packages will be available, as well as drink specials and KING CAKE!

This event has been created to provide a safe space for creative expression, and celebrate queer culture. Homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, ableist, ageist and racist behavior will NOT BE TOLERATED