Blyre’s Big ASS Benefit

Blyre’s Big A$$ Benefit

Thursday, July 25
Doors 8:30p Show 9:30p
**all proceeds from the evening will be donated to Blyre Cpanx**

Sometimes you stand on your own, and sometimes you let your community take care of you. Blyre Cpanx has been and will be a fixture of the St Louis performance community for a while. Last year she experienced and lived through an extreme act of nature destroying her vehicle and most of her props and costumes as well as severely injuring her. Incurring such a loss and experiencing such a traumatic situation would put an intense burden on anyone…but for a performer, that’s their livelihood.
Now, the performance community is coming together to take care of one of their own, who has provided opportunities for artists of all types over the years, and held a space for weirdos of all walks. Come out to The Crack Fox on Thursday, July 25 and show your support for art, for community, for Blyre! In addition to the hosting stylings of SinDee Hoo Hoo, for your entry you’ll also receive a night of entertainment by some of Saint Louis’s favorite burlesque performers!
Artists and businesses from around Saint Louis have also stepped up and donated all kinds of marvelous merchandise to be raffled. Stay tuned to the event page to see what you’ll have the opportunity to snag up!

Hosted by: SinDee Hoo Hoo

Performances by:
Abi Sith
Allura Fette
Amber Adelaide
Auralie Wilde
Chi Chi Buxuom
Dolly Mama
Minnie Moderne
Rose Whip
Sofie de Sade

List of Sponsors:
Bearded Frida
The Crack Fox
LRose Fabric Art
Nacho Grammas Earrings
Rowanooak Designs
Shameless Grounds, LLC
StL School of Burlesque & Variety
STyLehouse (
The Bon-Bons
The Kiss & Tells
Trouble with Trivets, etc.

Art donations by:
Alex Jove (
Joni Watkins