Pro Domme Palooza and Fetish Ball

GutterGlitter presents Venus In Furs’ powerful and intimate three day intensive workshop and fetish ball with none other than the legendary Madame Estrella.

Hailing from San Fransisco, Madame Estrella is a genderqueer Femme Domme, and SM top. Estrella is an ex pro domme, professional BDSM educator and all around mensch. She has presented or performed for QSM, Fantasy Makers academy, The Center For Sex and Culture, The Exiles, Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, and Twelve Inches of Sin, as well as for conferences including DomDominion, Folsom Fringe, IMsL, and Living in Leather.

Wednesday October 2nd: Impact Play Intensive Course
Thursday, October 3rd: Consensual Non-consent
Friday, October 4th: DS Play Intensive Course and Fetish Ball with open play party after class.

Each class is an hour long and attendees should arrive ON TIME. All classes start at 8pm.

The Partier: $10
The C Student:$20
The Over Achiever: $30
Teachers Pet: $40
Sugar Daddy/Mommy: $10 increments
Private School: TBA

The Partier:
– Access to one class

The C Student:
-Access to two classes

The Over Achiever:
-Access to all three days of classes
-Discussions, hands on exercises and real time scenes
-Group and one on one instruction
-Q/A time for each subject
-Lessons on consent, boundaries and ethics
-A safe, professional and sacred space for us all to learn

Teachers Pet:
-Access to all three days of classes
-Access to the fetish ball

Sugar Daddy/Mommy:
– Donations at $10 increments for solidarity tickets for women and non binary folks low on funds.

Private School:
Madame Estrella is giving private classes as well as relationship counseling while in town. Message the page to find out how to secure a coveted spot with her. Sliding scale is available. More info TBA.

*If you are a cisgender male ally, this GutterGlitter event is not for you, but please consider purchasing a solidarity ticket for women and non men low on funds.

Venus In Furs is the only lady identified exclusive BDSM night in St Louis. VIF is an inclusive and sex positive space for all people whose gender self-identification is other than male, and is a femme centered space. Folx are welcome regardless of level of experience. All such people are welcome. Racism, transphobia, homophobia, lesbophobia, biphobia, classism, ageism, size discrimination, and other forms of discrimination have no place here.

VIF is one of the only spaces in St Louis, where male identified people are not allowed! It is a clothing optional event, down to pasties and thongs.