Boolesque Bingo

Since 2013, Little Bo’s Creepshow has been a Halloween celebration here in Saint Louis, Missouri. Halloween isn’t just a Holiday in this town – it’s a passion and a lifestyle. This year, the biggest and brightest spooky shows this town has to offer will be collaborating on this city’s FIRST Halloween Festival! With an opening night kick-off party of Boolesque Bingo, Shawn Gaston’s Theatre Undead, Maxi Glamour & Sailem’s Devil’s Cabaret, Little Bo’s Creepshow & Greta’s Gory-Hole will bring you one giant weekend of burlesque, drag, pole, bellydance, and variety acts – all to celebrate the most wonderful holiday of the year – Halloween!

Thurs, October 17 – Boolesque Bingo
Fri, October 18 – Theatre Undead & The Devil’s Cabaret
Sat, October 19 – Little Bo’s Creepshow & Greta’s Gory-hole

Thursday night, we’re kicking things off with some Boolesque Bingo to welcome our performers!

Hosted by Little Bo Peepshow!

Bad Apple – STL
Bleu Violette – STL
Evelyn Invert – STL
Sofie De Sade – STL

If you’re ONLY attending Bingo this weekend, it’s $10 to play – or just $5 if you’re a local performer!
If you’re performing in the festival, you can watch/play for FREE!
Did you buy a pass to the entire weekend? You get to play Bingo for FREE as well!

Pricing for The Creepshow Peepshow Festival weekend:
Friday Night: $20
Saturday Night: $20
Friday AND Saturday with FREE entry to Boolesque Bingo: $35

VIP – Limited Seating!
Friday night only: $25
Saturday night only $25
Fri, Sat, FREE entry to Boolesque Bingo AND a show poster: $45

Stay Spooky!