ShowMeEffort – Winter on Venus

?????? WINTER on VENUS ??????

Embark on our first voyage to the lustrous clouds of Earth’s hotter sister, Venus! This winter we are bringing you the warmth of sex, love, and sensuality to stimulate your neurotransmitters and get you into the groove for the rest of your year.

??????? ABOUT the SHOW ???????

ShowMeEffort is a talent showcase of the House of Effort, a mystical menagerie of performers from St. Louis. Our goal is to expand our drag and intersect it with other performance styles (and show off a few new lewks for good measure).

The first and second acts resemble a standard drag show, but with our own flair. Our minimally hosted format allows us to bring you a non-stop barrage of entertainment, with two intermissions for y’all to recoup. The final act will be a fashion runway spectacle to close out the show and keep the party going! The posted schedule is an estimate and may be subject to change, but here’s the important stuff:

DOORS – 9:00 // SHOW – 10:00

TICKETS – $5 for 21+ ($5 surcharge for 18-20)

??????? #ShowMeEffort ???????