Friday the THIRSTeenth: The 2nd Annual Bad Luck Revue

It’s back, bitches! The 2nd annual hot-as-hell horror shitshow stripshow, Friday the THIRSTeenth: The Bad Luck Revue! And this time we’re taking a nosedive straight into the dark with an all new cast of darlings and darklings from around the state.

A little campy and a little vampy, Friday the THIRSTeenth is STL’s yearly burlesque and variety show featuring all things dark, ominous, supernatural, superstitious, and just downright spooky, particularly folklore and pop culture associated with bad omens, bad (or good) luck, and horror cult classics. Come for the blood, glitter, and red velvet cake and join us in this next unlucky Friday the 13th for a celebration of horror and all things unfortunate.

Featuring the talents of:
Allura Fette
Horchata Dentana
Shazza Dazzla
Josie Laveau
Bad Apple
Lugnut (Lug Nut)
Plus two special out of town guests!
The Duchess of Darkness, Anya Neeze from Kansas City!
And your new favorite hellion, Ms Mischief Managed (Olivia Lyn) from southwest Missouri!

Hosted by your friendly neighborhood eldritch horror and Hell’s Wild Card, Carmine Deville!

With DJ Sainte and hellkitten Ginger Bitch!

FRONT ROW SPLASH ZONE. Bring your f****n’ ponchos or dress accordingly, you know what you signed up for.
$15 GA ($13 Early Bird), $10 for performers
Doors at 9pm, show at 10pm

Cake and karaoke party after the show!

Only at the Crack Fox, home of the misfit toys. See you there, peeps ‘n creeps!